Will I Get Shut Down?
Card Bonus138 counting blackjack online is not nearly as glamourous as it may look in the movies. Sat in your armchair at home staring at your phone doesn’t quite have the allure of a Vegas casino table, but is card counting even possible with online casinos?

An online casino is unlikely to ban you for card counting because the activity is nigh on impossible in most cases, even with live dealer blackjack tables. Even a modicum of success would be discovered, and restrictions or account closure put in place to prevent further activity

If you are counting cards successfully, you will also be winning regularly and rarely losing, there is a good chance you could be limited or have your online casino account closed for this reason alone, regardless of proof of counting cards.

A mobile casino is likely going to either restrict your bets or close your online casino account for being a card counter on blackjack games.

Is Card Counting at Online Casinos Possible?
Some will claim it to be so, but in all reality, card counting on a casino app is virtually impossible for a range of reasons, not least because if you win too much and too often, you’ll probably find your account closed anyway.

In reality, the margin of profit you can earn from deep shoes makes the time and effort not worthwhile

What is Card Counting?
Card counting is a mathematical technique and strategy based mostly on blackjack and variations of the game. The activity determines the probability of a win for the player or dealer and bets are made according to the potential advantage. It is popularized in Hollywood films with casino scenes.

Video Blackjack Card Counting
Do not even attempt to try card counting on video blackjack. There is a continuous deck shuffle that takes place after each hand rendering card counting completely impossible.

Video blackjack hands are determined by random number generators, providing totally random dealer activity at every step.

It is impossible to count cards with video blackjack games at online casinos.

Live Dealer Card Counting
With 8 decks generally used for live casinos blackjack, and a shuffle after three have been through the shoe, the margins for profitable card counting are so minimal as to render the activity all but pointless.

The deck penetration is so shallow as to prevent any real advantage play panning out.

Even if there is a real heavy load of small cards at the front of the deck, the minute you start staking big with the expectation of the face cards arriving, there will be an algorithm in place to highlight your advantage, identify your profit, and potentially confiscate any winnings subsequent to you playing through.

Is Card Counting Illegal at Online Casinos?
So you have watched the movies and learned the counting strategies, not it’s time to try it out but you are not sure if it is a legal activity or not.

Card counting in general is not an illegal activity in online blackjack sites. In fact, casinos are not averse to gamblers trying to count cards. the majority are no very good at it, and those that do have proficiency in the activity are generally spotted quickly and prevented from attaining great profits.

Real money casinos are likely to make more money from people trying to count cards than lose by those that get away with it until caught and actions are taken to wreck the strategy.


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