Drop/Hold – Real money at any casino. This is real money used by the casino. Calculating total casino earnings is often misleading. This is because the original money goes to the casino in the same way. Therefore, if someone wants to calculate the income generated in his one casino session, he has to calculate the player’s money left in that particular session. Now this money is called “falling” or “waste”. Of course, casinos want to increase the number of drops in many ways. Even if you play for free at an online casino, casino owners take it into consideration.

What is Autumn?

However, the idea of ​​falling is not as simple as it seems at first glance. In fact, a “case” is money that the casino offers at the gaming table in exchange for tokens. Autumn comes in several forms.
Purchase coupons, coins, or their equivalents with cash or check. The problem in this case is that there is no exact equivalence here. The exact equivalent therefore varies from casino to casino. Some casinos allow you to wager on credit, while others require you to exchange your money for chips. However, you can find the same problem in both cases. The problem that arises from this is that comparing two drops from a casino can be difficult to determine the true picture. So if you have two casinos with drops of $1000 and $1200 per table, it doesn’t make sense to know that the equivalence of drops is the same for both. So if you want to compare games at a casino, you have to be careful about cash handling procedures.

What is retention?

In this sense, making games in a casino makes sense. The best online casinos and Bonus138 offers to maintain or maintain interest. Essentially, retention is measured as the ratio of table wins divided by falls. So this is a good way to measure distributor efficiency.

Free sites definitely complicate the whole scenario when it comes to online casino games.Finally, there are some free casino flash games that these sites offer. At the same time, we also offer paid games. However, it is more difficult to calculate the efficiency at these casinos as the payment methods and settlements are different from the standalone version.

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