Starting a small business as an IT consultant involves dealing with clients from all walks of life with different perspectives. There will always be some clients and customers who need your attention and service. The idea of ​​respecting customers and maintaining longer business relationships should be a problem for business owners that needs to be addressed properly. Over time, you will always meet with customers both macro and micro and they will always struggle in a competitive situation with your customers just to try the best quality of service. It is your responsibility to know how to handle different clients and to stay in line with your company’s standards and finances.

Macro or Micro Client

In the first month of your business as an IT consultant, you usually find clients who want your IT services to meet their pressing needs in the small business arena. This customer only has about 3-5 sets of computers running the business. Since you are starting to market your services and want to show your first group of clients that you have great promise to offer to anyone you approach as an IT consultant, you are going to put all your impressive efforts into serving these small clients. The word excellent service spreads rapidly throughout the world of micro customers and IT services more and more micro clients who want to experience high quality IT consulting efforts to provide IT solutions. Obviously, you want to keep your first customer for regular work because you’ve been a good customer ever since. Bonus138

You don’t want to offend a new customer either, so you are also offered to help them by providing them with the best IT solution. You get more customers along the way and your business starts getting famous and your revenue is bigger because generally new customers aren’t just small business owners, they also include a larger group of businesses. You feel overwhelmed but somewhat confused about how you can manage your time and energy to serve all these customers in the best way that you have been managed optimally and consistently.

The question of which customer will be chosen to solve the business becomes a problem. Do you want to close doors and windows to micro clients and focus on macro clients? Are you doing the right thing for all of your successful IT consulting business opportunities? Is combining micro and macro clients the right formula for a successful IT consulting business?

Select the right option

The rules for choosing the best option for the best opportunity apply not only to IT consulting business, but to all types of businesses for long-term success. It’s best to ask yourself wisely, the small business you run has strong growth potential over the next couple of years. If you have one or two micro customers looking to pass this assessment, move on to the next larger but wiser step. Does the micro customer you choose provide timely and easy-to-manage payments? If so, you remain your customer for life. If not, direct your attention to the macro client.

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