The most popular Bonus138 feature among gamblers is Free Spin, a Bonus feature that allows you to get lots of free spins. It is the most popular feature among bettors, as it offers a lot of entertainment, fun and possible winnings.

We would like to remind you that Free Spins can also be tried out for free as online slots offer a free demo trial.

Sometimes Free Spins are obtainable for free as a promotion, while other times they can only be obtained by playing the slot machine.

The winnings obtained with Free Spins can still be converted into cash or coins. Free Spins are sometimes also included in promotions as a Welcome Bonus or as a Bonus to be obtained with a small monetary deposit.

Please note that in order to obtain the Welcome Bonus, you will have to register at the relevant online casino, and to do so, you must be of legal age and submit your ID.

What specifically is a Free Spin?

A Free Spin is precisely a free spin that makes the slot machine spin, without having to pay.

If an online slot machine offers a Free Spin, all you have to do is click one more time and you can play for free, without spending any money from your bankroll.

Most online slots offer the Free Spin feature because it is one of the most popular features ever.

Which online slots feature Free Spin?

There are a wide variety of games that offer Free Spin feature. Some online slots have become just as famous for this feature.

The most popular slot machines that feature Free Spins are: Starburst online slot; Divine Fortune slot; Gonzo’s Quest; Book of Dead; Bloodsuckers.

Of these, the online game with the highest RTP value, i.e. offering the highest probability return to the player, is Bloodsuckers. It is an exceptional and psychedelic game title with all the characteristics of a horror-style slot.

The payout percentage with respect to the Free Spins, varies depending on the lucky slot and especially in addition to the spins, there are sometimes also special symbols.

How many Free Spins can you win on average?

Obviously, it depends very much on the digital slot in question. There are slots that give more spins with the Free Spin function and others less.

There are some really interesting options that often allow additional Free Spins. For example, with the Scatter symbol or the Wild symbol, you can accumulate additional Free Spins.

Some slot machines do not have a maximum number of Free Spins, but it depends very much on the player’s luck.

Is it certain that when playing online slot we will find the Free Spins feature?

Although it is not a question of skill but of luck, it is unfortunately not certain. In fact, it is not guaranteed that playing any online slots you will find the lucky Free Spins feature.

This is because, as we have said, there is no real playing strategy. Even experienced gamblers sometimes play games where they do not find this feature.

The Free Spins feature is one of the most popular for its unpredictability.

In fact, the most interesting feature of this function is precisely the randomness and the opportunity to win when you least expect it many free spins.

Free Spins can vary greatly in number, from 1 Free Spins up to even 30 Free Spin, or sometimes infinite Free Spins!

In conclusion about Free Spins

Getting the Free Spins feature is a good way to continue playing an online slot game even when you are no longer willing to bet any more real money.

Thanks to the Free Spins function, you get free spins without having to do anything in particular.
Be careful, however, because as we said, it is not granted that you will encounter it in a gaming session.

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