No longer do you have to go down to the brick-and-mortar casino to sit at a blackjack or roulette table to get the real casino experience and win real money. Bonus138

Thanks to online casino sites and the introduction of real live dealers on your computer screen or mobile, you can place your bets and interact with the dealer in real-time whilst playing anywhere. But which are the best live casinos today?

Best Live Casino in the UK

BetBull Casino seriously impressed with the widest range of live dealer tables we have seen from any online casino yet. For the most amazing range of live casino options we recommend heading over to betBull and taking advantage of the current welcome offer.

Live Casino Welcome Offers

It is unlikely to find a specific live casino bonus to sign up to casino sites online, but take a look at the bonuses available for registering a new account. Casino welcome offers are a great way to test out an online casino site to see if you like what they have available, especially if trying out live dealer games for the first time.

The benefit of a welcome offer is that you can take a tour and make some bets on the live casino tables at a lower risk using a deposit match offer or something like that. Check the details of each offer and any wagering requirement, so that you understand the value of each.

Often the biggest bonus is not the best as rollovers can be high. Cross-reference this simple table to see when a bonus amount is best. And when to avoid.

Be Aware of Wagering Requirement on Bonuses

The best casino rollover requirement is the one that requires the least amount of stake placed before bonus funds turn into real money. Money that is withdrawable. By using the simple instructions below, you can work out for yourself, which is best.

Often the biggest bonus is not the best as rollovers can be high. Cross-reference this simple table to see when a bonus amount is best. And when to avoid.

The table demonstrates that a £1000 bonus with 10x, requires £10,000 stakes to be placed – Whereas a £100 even with a 50x turnover requirement requires only £5,000

Which do you think you would most likely have a chance of having money left with that could turn into cash?

Take the bonus that requires the least monetary value turnover for the best chance of turning it into real cash.

Smaller Bonuses Turn into Cash More Often

Remember all online casino games have a house edge, so the longer you play the less likely it is that you can win. A smaller bonus with a smaller turnover requirement is far easier (but still hard!) to turn into cash you can withdraw.

Getting Started – Sign Up & Depositing

Getting started couldn’t be easier, in most cases, you can register and deposit online for an online mobile casino now. Only a couple of states require in-person registration for online accounts. Check our casino sites pages and select your state for more info.

Select an online casino from the list above in your state
Choose your bonuses and hit SIGN UP or REGISTER
Provide your personal info [Name Address etc]
Set Up your Security Info [Password, Tel No]
Verify Your account

Once these steps are complete you are ready to make your first deposit and grab the benefit of the welcome bonus to play live casino games


To deposit funds into your account, you will need to use one of the payment methods accepted by your casino choice. Debit cards are widely accepted as are prepaid cards and eWallet solutions like PayPal, Neteller and Skrill

When you deposit fund into your account using one of the banking options they are usually available instantly to play

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