Online casino games, especially those offering progressive prizes, are one of the main attractions of casino sites. Their huge prizes and the excitement of winning their desired funds explain why they have not become followers or loyal followers. Finding games that offer decent rewards can be difficult. This scenario is very disappointing as you lose many chances to win big.

But don’t despair. We have listed some of the most popular types of casino games with great prizes.


Progressive jackpots are very common in online slots. both are synonymous with each other. Since the popularity of jackpots in games of this kind, it is difficult to distinguish between them.

Marvel slots developed and offered by Bonus138 often have this feature. Some slot machines such as Iron Man, Blade and Fantastic Four offer not one but four progressive his jackpots, much to the delight of slot fans.

With such a composition you have a slightly better chance of winning.

Progressive Live Baccarat

Of course, progressive jackpots aren’t just for slots. For example, Live Baccarat also offers the above features.

However, unlike online slots, this game requires winning combinations, so you can take home some cash. It cannot be accidentally activated.

Live Baccarat requires an Ace and an 8 of the same suit.

Live Progressive Blackjack

Live Progressive Blackjack works just like Live Progressive Baccarat. The game also forces you to honor winning combinations to enable this feature.

For live progressive blackjack, he must get 4 consecutive aces from the first hand to activate the bank.

Distinguish progressive jackpots for slots and other online casino games.

When you play progressive jackpot online slots, you automatically join the cash pool. A portion of the bet is immediately transferred to the Fountain money.

However, in other games such as those mentioned above, progressive his jackpot lottery participation is optional. In fact, the bet you place is an additional bet.


Progressive jackpots have never lost their appeal since they were introduced and are less and less ignored by the show. Instead, expect more progressive jackpots to be incorporated into other Bonus138 online casinos as technology becomes more complex.

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