There are many Halo69 casino sites that offer great games and huge jackpots. But before you choose one, it’s important to consider the payout rates of each casino. In this informative article, we compare the best payouts offered by UK-licensed casinos so you can find a site with ACTUAL highest RTP figures.

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Best Payout Online Casino Bonuses

If you are happy with what you have seen so far and are just looking for the best welcome offer for slot sites right now, then below is what is on offer from each of the best payout casinos on OLBG.

How to use RTP to find the Best Payout Casinos

RTP is an acronym that stands for “Return to Player” it is most commonly displayed as a percentage figure, in so much as the figure represents the amount returned to a player from the amount staked on a game.

RTP is a way of finding the best payout casinos, but only if you know how to use it properly. There are 2 types

***Of course there is a limit, but if you staked £1 and hit a Progressive jackpot I don’t have enough space for the zero’s!

Read on and see how they differ

RTP is very much aligned with slot games payouts but is also relevant to other casino games including live dealer casino games.

You should be aware that the figures come in two very different forms and understanding this before building expectations on them is essential, for there is Theoretical RTP, which is governed and checked by the gambling commission, but also an Actual RTP which can and will differ from the theoretical. I’ll explain the difference below.

And finally, you may be wondering about how huge progressive jackpots can affect these numbers, as they often pay out in the millions of pounds and of course would have a huge effect on short-term numbers.

Theoretical RTP

This is the game’s designed return to player percentage, which also fills the role of its advertised RTP in accordance with RTS 3C.The theoretical RTP of a game has to pass random testing of huge data sets with a small percentage of variance depending on the sample size.

It is highly unlikely that you will ever see or be able to record yourself an RTP that matches exactly the advertised theoretical RTP of an individual game yourself, it will be higher, [if you make a profit] and most likely lower [if you lose]

The longer you play, the closer you will eventually get to the theoretical RTP but of course, this also means that the likelihood of you losing increases too as over-time that is the design and goal of the game, as the RTP will always be below the 100% break-even mark.

If you are going to win a casino game, the probability will be it will be in the fewest amount of spins possible.

Actual RTP

RTP is calculated using the live win and turnover amounts in order to show how much a game has returned as it’s been played.This is the figure we have used to present the best payout online casinos in this article. It is factual data and not a prediction.

Actual RTP is calculated by taking the total amount of paid out wins [Within the individual games – not your deposits and withdrawals – See Below], divided by the Actual amount of money staked to affect those payouts.

Difference between Theoretical RTP and Actual RTP

Theoretical RTP is an accurate prediction of mobile casino payouts in the future based on mathematical algorithms set on the games, whereas Actual RTP is based on historical data and actual payouts compared with actual money staked.

How does Volatility Affect the Theoretical RTP
Advertising volatility of games has become commonplace for casino apps these days. Some players like to win often and will choose a low volatility game for more wins more often and mostly at lower values, but other players prefer higher risk games with fewer wins that pay more when they do land

The common betting game standard deviation is the most often used indicator to represent a game’s volatility. Highly volatile games tend to fall into two categories: “very large but rare” prizes or “small and often”. Low volatility games are more predictable, with mostly small prizes falling in the “very small and very frequent” category.

Progressive Jackpots are not part of slot RTP figures

Games connected to progressive jackpot systems will need to be measured at a base game level (ie the game without the jackpot component). Jackpots are reaching very high values and their performance should be separately monitored.

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